Everything new at Netflix at a glance!

With WhatsOnFlix? you can see exactly what's new on Netflix and which titles are about to expire. You can also get ratings for almost every title from the popular IMDb, TMDb, and OFDb movie portals. Best of all, you can see right away which title might be of interest to you.

We've already launched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United States of America and the United Kingdom! We plan to launch in more countries soon. If you want to be notified about when our WhatsOnFlix? app is avaible in your country, please subscribe below using the following form. Thank you for your interest in the WhatsOnFlix? app!

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What can WhatsOnFlix do?

A brief overview of the most important functions:

"WhatsOnFlix? is great for discovering new movies. It also lets you know how long you can take with a series before it's removed by Netflix."

Michael Humpa

CHIP software editing
"The integrated evaluations of IMDb, TMDb and OFDb are particularly useful."

René Hesse

"Looks pretty awesome and kind of like an app I didn't know I needed, but it's great to have..."



Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm working hard to make the app available in more countries. Unfortunately, I cannot give any concrete dates in this regard. If you want to know when the time has come, please subscribe to our release newsletter (at the top of the page).

You can use WhatsOnFlix? without a Netflix subscription, e.g. to find out what's going on at Netflix. This way you can also better estimate whether a Netflix subscription is worthwhile for you or not. However, the selected titles are played back within the Netflix app. To use the Netflix app, you need an active Netflix subscription.

No. WhatsOnFlix? is not part of the Netflix family of companies. WhatsOnFlix? is a standalone and independent app.

The content is updated once a day. You will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone/tablet when the update is finished. If you do not want a notification, you can switch it off at any time in the settings.

WhatsOnFlix? will be available free of charge. The app is financed by advertising, but in my opinion the advertising is very limited. There is also an in-app purchase, which on the one hand removes the advertising and on the other hand actively supports the further development of the app. Exclusive premium functions are also planned for a later date.

Who's behind the app?

Sven Ziegler

Founder and Developer

Active in the field of software development for more than 25 years. More than 15 years of which focused on mobile applications, including the associated infrastructure and backend systems. Netflix-Junkie, logical!